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Project Management

Nothing is constant except change, so careful project planning and management is essential, it can very often spell disaster if not delivered effectively. Managing a project from start to finish requires all the talents and skills our experts are trained for.  We take full charge of the life cycle of a project, continually monitoring and adapting as necessary, to safeguard our customers from unexpected delays and cost overruns.      

Competent provider

Health and safety is a part of the culture in all our work, our client base includes a large number of blue-chip companies and they know that Trust  are compliant with their standards. we are accredited by all of the relevant Health and Safety authorities, in order to undertake Electrical connections, and associated works. With a fully HERS accredited workforce, all of our staff are fully trained to undertake electrical operations for Regional Electricity Companies and term contractors.

PFI Specialists

We specialise in partnering with the UK’s principle providers of PFI projects, which provide a framework for investment in much needed improvements to street lighting stock in the community. These schemes not only enhance the local environment, they also improve road safety and deter vandalism. Be it bollard installation, sign replacement or lighting column removal, Trust have the capability to react quickly with your street lighting demands.

Trust are committed to the street lighting market, specialising in PFI contracts with have a proven record. We will work in a long-term partnership with you to deliver a quality and value for money service, helping to achieve your commercial objectives whilst ensuring that your residents receive the highest levels of customer service.

Working Seamlessly

We work tirelessly with our clients to ensure the smooth running of the PFI, providing accurate financial information utilising a thorough and failsafe application process, which maintains cash flow and accountability throughout the project. We keep excellent records, which many of our clients find invaluable. Working seamlessly with the client, often sharing office and depot space where possible in order to offer best value.

Project Management Services

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