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Commercial installations

For businesses providing company cars to employees, electric vehicles are an attractive option.

Boost Your Environmental Credentials

Not only do they help demonstrate your environmental credentials to clients and shareholders, they are also cheaper to run and allow employees to make substantial savings on tax. Currently the benefit in kind (BIK) rate for electric vehicles is 9%, compared with 20% plus for some vehicles. For companies, the charge units themselves are inexpensive to run and require very little servicing.

Full consultancy, installation and maintenance

We can provide full consultancy, installation and maintenance services for any size of commercial or office premises, as well as install charge units at employees’ homes. We can also provide smart meters tracking the amount of electricity your team use to charge their vehicles at home and at work, plus monthly, quarterly or yearly reports to allow you to reimburse employees for their travel costs. Get in touch to discuss what we can provide for your business.