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Nottingham City Council

Corral Installations



Nottingham City Council

Contract Period

10 months

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Beginning in September 2023, Trust Utility Management have been providing Nottingham City Council with a team dedicated to electric bike and electric scooter corral installations.

With the upsurge of people turning to more eco-friendly ways to travel, the Department for Transport is funding the installation of 275 corrals throughout the city of Nottingham. These are being placed in strategic locations to not only reduce the carbon footprint of the city, but also to improve transport links for commuters travelling short distances.

For Trust, the corral installations have fallen into two categories: corrals that are to be installed within the existing footpath extents, and corrals that require installation on a hardstanding base. In both cases, our operatives drill into the ground to bury the ends of the racking, and secure with bolts. For corrals that require hardstanding bases, Trust operatives complete the construction and reinstatement.

Corral installation within existing footpath extents Corral installation on a hardstanding base


Trust Utility Management have been liaising closely with Nottingham City Council to ensure the works are delivered on time and to a high standard. Our skilled operatives are working in the busiest locations around the city. Their professionalism has ensured that the challenges of working in an urban environment have been met safely and competently.

Effective management and communication has enabled our gang to consistently complete 10-15 corral installations weekly. We are extremely proud of the results and are delighted to be part of a project that promotes sustainability. As a company, we are working hard to reduce our own carbon footprint and turning to electric vehicles is just one way that we are achieving this.


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